Sugar Stitch Clothing started as a brainstorm meeting outside of a coffee shop in Orange County, CA, in 2015. Our owner, Amber Nicole, was discussing with friends how to get herself out there and create commission garments for people. However, it wouldn't be until three years later, when the plan was fully put into place. What started out as commissions for costumes and retro reproduction clothing, has evolved into the full collections you will find while browsing this website.

Looking for darker, more alternative/goth retro styles was always hard for Amber. There were very limited options produced by other companies, and most weren’t considered “closet staples”. From the need to have these types of garments, Sugar Stitch Clothing went from a commission based company to a small production based company. Our main focus is on high quality fabrics that feel amazing on your body, making sure there’s stretch for optimal comfort throughout the day, as well as creating those “closet staples” we all want in our wardrobe. Combining all of these features, we strive to create garments that you can keep for years to come.